What Software Can You Use to Design Clothing?

Fashion is always changing and evolving. Clothes are no longer about comfort but also glamour and creativity. The trends change in an instant and it is fashion that dictates them. Designing clothes requires imagination and a certain artistic flair. But a designer also needs a canvas to put their ideas on paper. Now that everything is online, people use clothing design websites to make designs. These concepts can be used to make a living by using the online clothing business opportunities made available to everyone via the internet. Listed below are a few software that can help you create designs and put them up on the platforms selling clothes online.

Virtual Fashion

Virtual Fashion is a clothing design website that lets anyone create their own garments using their unique sense of style. The software offers stunning effects and offers three-dimensional aspect views of the finished sketch. Using this tool is very easy and you can create the kind of clothes you require for your business. The many features offered by this software include precise textures of the fabrics and create an image which looks very close to the actual product.

Dress Assistant

Dress Assistant is basic design software used by many amateur designers. There are limited options but it gets the job done for basic clothing and apparel. This tool can design clothes in many sizes that are usually not available in stores. You can design clothes using a variety of fabrics, colors and cuts according to your taste and then upload them on one of the many platforms selling clothes online to earn money.


If you want to make use of the online clothing business opportunities but do not know how to draw, Poser is the software for you. It has many options available to let anyone design different types of clothes with 3D animation. You can view the details from every angle making it easier for the customer on the platforms selling clothes online to judge the design.

Realistic Apparel Templates Pack

Realistic Apparel Templates Pack is available for free on the clothing design website. Though it offers options for only designing t-shirt you can create very detailed and intricate designs. The software allows people to change the colors and add creases or folds where necessary in the shirt. Home based designers can take advantage of this software and avail the online clothing business opportunities made available to them.

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